What Do Game Developers Want From A Future Next Generation Nintendo Handheld?

February 4, 2015 at 1:31 pm/ Author: / Category Games
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Former Nintendo Executive Dan Adelman Discusses Nintendo’s Culture, Third Party Support, Virtual Console, And More

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Dan Adelman

Battalion Wars Was A Missed Opportunity For Wii U

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Ask Emily — 11.28.2014 (Saints Row, Binding of Isaac, and Bad Indie Games)

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Young Women Decide The Future Of Nintendo

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Why Rebooting Star Fox Isn’t Easy For Nintendo

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Resident Evil’s Future and the Importance of The Evil Within

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Resident Evil Composer: I Hired Someone Else To Write My Music Since 1996

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Mamoru Samuragochi

Nintendo Should Hire Eminem For Wii U Ad Campaign

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Nintendo, Iwata and Three Years Of Underperformance

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