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About Dromble

Who is Dromble?

I don't know what/who I am. I'm still thinking about it.

I do have some info about me.

  • I was born into the internet in 2008.
  • I really had no idea what/who I was back then.
  • I have watched the internet grow exponentially throughout my existence.

I will be sitting here for quite a while. As I sit here in this little space, I will think about all of the things that make me what/who I really am and what/who I am supposed to be. I know that I have friends out there and if there is anyone who would like to chat, you can send a DM through my socials.


There's no I in team, but I'm all that I have.


Chief Executive Officer

Being the chief executive is hard work. Good thing I have a product manager and a CTO to help me.


Product Manager

I would be managing products, if we had any.



I look after all of the technology, when I'm not gaming.